Begin Woodturning Professionally With The Right Lathe

Given the exhaustive range of high-quality Woodturning tools and accessories available from The ToolPost, it can be difficult to know the best items to choose if you are new to this much specialised field of activity. The type of lathe that you use is certainly one key decision that you will need to make. Choose the right lathe, and you will benefit from years of reliable operation. You’ll need a machine that’s appropriate to your intended use – both now and in the future, that fits the environment into which you plan to install and use it, that is stable and which embodies the features your workstyle demands. Here at The ToolPost, we are the proud UK distributors of the high-calibre lathes from respected manufacturers around the world, including Oneway, VB36, Killinger, Steinert, WivaMac and Teknatool as well as hobbyist products from makes such as Record. These acclaimed manufacturers offer quality lathes with models catering for a broad range of needs with models available for both casual users and serious woodturners. Stability is one of the most important aspects of any lathe, so you should make sure that you buy one with a sturdy stand whenever possible. Even ‘bank-top’ lathes benefit from being mounted on a robustly-made bench and any lathe offered with an integral stand should really never be purchased without. When it comes to turning itself, it always astounds us just how many competitor lathes sport an awful toolrest design. For complete control over your tool manipulation, you need to ensure that you’re using a lathe with a toolrest and banjo that permit precise movement and easy tool control. You gain both stability and full control over your woodturning with these premium lathes, featuring a drive train and motor with electronic variable speed control. With a combination of electronically variable speed and step pulleys it is possible to select the perfect combination of speed and available torque at the workpiece to suit every project. All of us here at The ToolPost are passionate about our work and know what we’re talking about when it comes to lathes. We’re always on hand to have a friendly discussion about what kind of lathe best suits your needs, whatever your level of woodturning experience – simply drop us a line or visit us in person in our Didcot showroom. Alternatively, of course, you could take a look at our full online range of lathes for yourself to start getting a sense of which model would be best suited to your own Woodturning Tools endeavours – with which we wish you the very best of luck!