Materials that Are Generally Preferred for Reusable Shopping Bag

Nowadays, application of reusable bags has increased a lot and many companies are found to be using this product for promotion of their brand. These bags are also using many different types of eco-friendly materials and each of them have their own set of pros and cons.

Certainly you can send an eco conscious message with custom printed bags from Custom Earth Promos and hence you must choose certain material where you can get clear impression of your company logo and message, so that you can use them for your marketing promotional activities.

Following are few materials that are generally found while manufacturing such reusable shopping bags for promotional purpose.

  1. Cotton

Cotton bags are available in many different styles and colors, so that you can match any of your products. Buying cotton bag from any reputed source can create really fantastic promotional tool to promote your company. Cotton is very durable and eco-friendly material.

  1. Jute

Over the years, jute has attained lots of popularity as most eco-friendly material for reusable shopping bags. Your business too becomes popular, if it finds your logo and brand name. Jute is quite well known biodegradable and compostable material available.

  1. Juco

This material is made from blend of both jute and cotton. Thus, by using this material you can get best of both these materials. For manufacturing reusable bags that can last lifelong, juco is the ideal material to choose.

  1. Canvas

Canvas is made from 100% bio-degradable canvas, which is sustainable too. Canvas bag product usually begins with blank canvas. You can select size of the bag and then next step will be to dye your canvas to recreate the business branding color of your company.

You can also add zips, pockets and toggles for adding further personalization.

  1. Non-woven

All non-woven bags are made from reusable material that makes them much cheaper to buy and more eco-friendly because of old materials being used again.

  1. Polypropylene

Polypropylene is also another form of plastic which is flexible resin polymer. All nonwoven polypropylene bags usually are regarded as best reusable type of grocery bags by few people due to low cost and durability.

  1. Nylon

Nylon in fact is kind of synthetic polymer which is originally made for replacing silk in fabrics. Usually, nylon is quite strong and durable material and also quite light in weight. It is also water resistant and can easily be dried.

  1. Polyester

This is polymer which is typically made from PET, which is same material generally found in drink bottle. Polyester is recyclable material that can be reheated to convert back into the polymer fibers to reuse further.

  1. Recycled PET

This recycled PET is quite durable and eco-friendly fabric which is made from the post-consumer plastic bottles or containers that is recycled. By using recycled PET, you can reduce waste and can conserve oil and few non-renewable resources.

By using reusable bags which are made from the recycled PET, you can create market for materials which is post-consumer recycled.