Howto choose a diamond ring?

We offers a large catalog of diamond rings, distributed in three major collections: the prestige diamond ring, the gold and diamond ring and finally the trilogy ring. To help you, we have put in place a guide devoted exclusively to diamond rings. Discover with all the tips to buy diamond jewellery set with black diamonds, brown diamonds or white diamonds.

Buy adiamond ring according to 4C

If you’ve already read our guide to 4C diamonds, then you know the importance of this step when looking for any diamond jewel. Indeed, these are very important criteria for diamonds and these will largely determine the brilliance, beauty, but also the price of a diamond and therefore that of your future diamond ring. 
The first C designates the carat, that is to say the weight of the diamond. The 2nd C designates the size of the diamond. This is an essential element because the size will determine the brilliance and brilliance of the diamond ring. The 3rd C is for the color of the diamond. And finally the 4th C is for the purity of the stone, whether it contains inclusions or not.

To choose your diamond ring, we recommend you watch it in the light of day to reveal the true color of the diamonds that set the jewel. In jewelery, you will usually find special cold-light lamps that provide a light close to that of the natural day.

Acertificate for your diamond ring

In order to guarantee the quality of the diamonds that set your diamond ring , a gemological certificate will be given to you with your diamond ring. Established by a laboratory, this certificate aims to summarize all the characteristics of a diamond. It can be considered that it is the identity card of the diamond. Do not hesitate to consult our guide dedicated to the various certificates before you start looking for a diamond white gold ring.

Thechoice of the style of the diamond ring

The last step is to determine the type of diamond ring that you really want. Indeed, different kinds of diamond ring will be proposed to you, each with their particularities.

Thus, you can go to a trilogy ring,that is to say a gold ladies’ ring with 3 diamonds of equivalent size set onthe top of the jewel. The meaningof the diamond trilogy ring is that of time with a diamond for thepast, a diamond for the present and a diamond for the future.

The prestigious diamond rings are in turn paved with small diamonds. You can, for example, find rings that gracefully combine black diamonds and white diamonds. You also have the choice of the color of gold, such as pink gold, white gold or yellow gold for your diamond ring.

Finally, the goldand diamond ring allows you to associate the diamond with originalshapes, such as diamond heart rings. Some models feature rings with acentral diamond framed in gold, and small diamonds set on the body of thering. Different models of black diamond rings are available in thiscollection.

With all our advice, you should now be able to buy diamond jewellery online of your dreams easily.