How To Select The Best Entry Mats For Your Business

People often notice the entrance mats when they enter a room. They make a space feel welcoming, professional, and clean..

It is important to choose right entrance mats and custom logo rugs for your space, as it is the first point of contact between customers and businesses. Although a new entrance mat can keep your floor clean for some time, it may wear out quickly depending on how heavy your footfall is. You can save money by choosing a high-quality, premium option.

This is why we created this guide to help you understand the best type of flooring and matting for your workplace.

These are the key elements that make an entrance mat effective

Make sure the surface is safe for walking: It should not slip, even when it’s wet. This will allow for good gripping with shoes and make them easy to walk on.

Keep your floors clean by keeping them clean.

You should soak up any excess water. Your mat must absorb water from your shoes. This will keep your floors dry and prevent slip hazards.

Your entrance mat will be used where?

It is important to know exactly where your entrance mat will be placed before you decide which one is the best. Outdoor matting is very different from indoor matting in terms of material and thickness. Therefore, the place you choose to put your entrance mat in will impact the type of matting you buy.

Outdoor Mats

When looking for an outdoor mat you should ensure it is resistant to all weather conditions, including wind, snow, ice, and sand. It is important that the mat is easily drainable so water can flow away from it. Your customers and visitors may find themselves on an outdoor mat that is not drainable.

This is the first line of defense for your space. It must be able to remove heavy dirt, sand, or grit.

Indoor Mats

It is likely to be your main mat. Therefore, it must live up to its potential. Indoor mats that are clean and safe will keep dirt and water out, reduce slip and fall risk, and looks great doing it.

You will get the best performance from thicker mats with vinyl or rubber backings. These mats will last longer and have excellent anti-slip properties. If you have limited door clearance, thin mats are an excellent choice.

What material should I use for my entrance mat

When it comes to matting, there are many options.

Coir – A traditional material made from coconut shells. Coir’s sturdy construction makes it an excellent choice for public areas like offices, bars, restaurants, and offices that see a lot of traffic.

Cotton – This fabric is ideal for light household use to clean muddy pets’ shoes, boots, and feet. Cotton construction is flexible, super absorbent, and easy to roll up for transport.

Rubber – Rubber matting comes in a variety of designs, including honeycomb and even ribbed. This mat is suitable for heavy-duty use due to its strong construction that provides outstanding crush and soil resistance.

Microfiber – This mat is lightweight and absorbent. Microfiber is extremely absorbent and can be dried quickly so that it can be used again immediately.

Ribbed – ideal for heavy-duty entrance areas. This mat is durable, attractive, and the best choice in large spaces like airport floors. This material is also flame retardant and UV-resistant.