Paint Your Nails Beautifully as Per Your Skin Tone

“Gorgeously Painted Nails” This tagline sounds perfect for the entire nail paints lover out there. There is the number of nail paints shades that suit your skin types, complexion and would appear lovely when applied. Moreover, wearing the right shade would make you feel more confident. The super easy way to flaunt your nail paints is that it matches your skin tone. Have a quick look at the shades meant for different skin tone:- Dark Skin: Deep Shades turns out best for the women with the dark complexion. Shades like the red, purple, or bright orange should be marked on your list. Avoid pastel or too light shades, as they may ruin your appearance. Tan Skin: A variety of shades turns out best for those with tan or medium skin tone. Shades of light pink, silver, blue, red, burgundy, pale brown and peach are a good go. Avoid rust or gold shades; still, you have a lot of shade to try on. Fair Skin: Again a variety of nail paint shades turns out best for those blessed with fair skin tone. Shades of pastel, dark red, silver, white, ruby, plums, pale pinks, and peach, orange, burgundy, purple and blue works best for you. Apart from nail paints suiting your skin tone, it is mandatory to decide the colours keeping in mind the occasion or event. Adding more to your happiness, you can buy nail polish set online in Guwahati and style out your nails with the colour of your choice. The most important of all is the healthy, strong and beautiful nails. Ladies, keep in mind, that, strong and healthy nails are the base for portraying appealing nail shades. Make sure that your nails are trimmed at regular intervals and are clean. For more of your help, here are some latest top picks of nail paints, have a look:- – Maybelline Color Show Bright Sparks “Bright Sparks,” says it all. This pick from Maybelline turns out best on dark and dusky skin tones. This range adds a bright pop of colour to your nails. It is highly pigmented, smooth and glossy texture, and quite affordable. Moreover, the brush provides an easy application. Colorbar Luxe Nail Lacquer Colorbar is highly demanded brand in India and brings globally trending shades to your fingertips. This Nail Lacquer is smooth, long-lasting, 100% cruelty-free, provides a glossy finish and dries quickly. The best is that it is non-yellowing and doesn’t transfer to the nail bed. Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Color This product from Lakme helps create the red carpet feel every day. Its shimmery finish makes it perfect for every occasion. Some functions of this nail colour are- it is easy to apply and use, long-staying, removal is also easy and provides a gel finish. Buy any of the Lakme Nail Polish online and dip down your nails in wonderful shades.