Examples of tent you need to know

For a reception, a very practical solution is the folding garden tent, also called tent. It is very easy and quick to assemble to accommodate many guests.

Ready to install, the reception Pole Tent consists of a removable structure ideal for all your receptions in the garden. Most of the time foldable, it will be suitable for temporary needs to spend good times with family or friends. Two types of reception 20×30 party tent exist on the market: demountable tents whose assembly is similar to camping tents and tents with umbrella opening.

How to choose the right party tent?

At the level of the capitals, there are different shapes, different styles of roof and colors. However, it is desirable to choose the right reception tent according to the surface area and the number of guests desired and not in relation to its aesthetics.

The structure of a tent must be stable in inclement weather. Prefer materials like steel or aluminum with a good anchoring system on the ground. There are also cross bars that reinforce the structure.

In addition, the strength of the canvas varies according to its seams, its thickness and its material (polyester, cotton, plastic, etc.). The roof canvas can be fireproof and waterproof. Once the canvas is stretched, the canvas must form a slope so that the water is drained easily and quickly.

It is also advised you to remember to check its UV protection index so that you are protected from the sun’s rays.

How to arrange your tent for a reception?

Once installed, you can dress your tent with a floor covering (parquet, carpet, carpet) and fix lights as well as plants on the bars of the structure. It all depends on your desires, your tastes or the theme of your “Garden party”.

How to maintain a tent?

Once your reception is over, it is best to maintain your tent. Make sure to clean your party tent and store it away from moisture in order to preserve it over time.