Vaping and Smoking Away the Stress

Smoking a cigarette can be a great way to relieve stress, it is also dangerous to one’s own health. Smoking started further back than the big tobacco companies, who used smoking as a health fad during the 1920s. It went as far back as 5000 years ago, B.C. time.

There are many debates still going today, dealing with vaping or the idea if it is a safer substitute to smoking actual cigarettes. By searching for any site, you may want to see this page now on debates of vapes, vaping, and anything in between. Even searching websites about vaping tools or supplies, you are bound to see a link about seeing pages on vaping, smoking, stats on vaping versus cigarettes, what is better health wise Vaping possibly being healthier than smoking a cigarette, or both are just as bad. It is a habit one does though to relax after a long day.

Smoking around 5000 BC was only for holistic traditions, usually, it was done by a village elder or shaman. Smoking around these times was done through pipes. Smoke pipes tend to be long or short-stemmed. At the very end of the stem would be a bowl. The bowl would vary in size depending on the stem length and girth. Some bowls would be shallower than others. Lighting the pipe is a simple process of taking a match, stick on fire, pointing it down into the bowl to light the substance. Depending on the region smoking was taking place, the substance that is would vary.

For areas like East Asia and India, the common substance would be cannabis. Down in the African regions, part of the continent would smoke cannabis as well. As early as smoking happened, so did the smoking of cannabis. At certain points in time, mainly in China and the European countries, there was another substance that was smoked in certain hotspots of the area. It was opium, which is an addictive sedative that was conned off to the Chinese by the Europeans. It caused many deaths and the girth to ban it from being used.

Other regions like the Americas or part of the European countries, they smoked tobacco leaves. Smoking around these parts stirred many debates among the populace. The debates were on if smoking actually helps with people’s lives and health or if it’s dangerous and should be banned. King James, the first was one of the few who spoke out on why smoke tobacco was wrong. King James even addressed how strange it was that tobacco received the notion that it was healthy or a miraculous herb. Considering the times, however, it made sense to be on side of the church, who also found smoking wrong.

As time waned so did the ways of smoking. Wars were had about it. Mega-corporations fought against Health officials during the 50s and 60s. Around the 60s a man named Herbert A. Gilbert created the first e-cigarette, but never got it patented. Hon Lik, an inventor, patented e-cigarettes, or vapes around 2003. E-cigarettes very popular in China at the time.