Things You Must Consider While Buying Window Air Conditioners

Air conditioners provide a cool and comfortable environment to beat the summer heat and keep you refreshed especially in the warmer days. Choosing the right unit for your purposes makes sure that you can maximize cooling and performance and meet your requirements for home or other uses. Here are a few things to consider before you commit to a purchase. Capacity – Air conditioners are rated for their cooling capabilities in terms of British Thermal Units or BTUs, which is a unit of measuring energy. Room size dictates the amount of energy required to cool it, and matching the correct rating of your AC to the square footage ensues that the unit works efficiently. It is advisable to get an air conditioner with a capacity slightly higher than required for the room size so that the unit is not overworked. This way, it won’t use more energy than usual and won’t wear down right away. Installation options – Air conditioning units come in a number of packages for easy installation. Window type air conditioners are the most common and a popular choice for homes and small offices as they mount through an existing window for a simpler and easier install. They are great for cooling small to medium sized rooms and are easier to maintain. Split type air conditioning units are ideal for cooling large areas because of their large capacities. They are more elegant looking, but the installation procedure involved in setting them up is also a lot more complicated. Electrical Requirements – Air conditioners draw a lot of power and current and thus must be supplied with a more robust power supply line. This typically necessitates a special dedicated circuit rated for large power draws. It must have its own circuit protection in case of surges. Efficiency – In general terms, smaller, window type air conditioning units are rated to be more energy efficient as compared to their larger cousins. This makes them cheaper to maintain and run. They have better efficiency and EER numbers, making them a greener choice for the environmentally conscious. Maintenance – Smaller compact form factor air conditioners like window type ones are packaged for easy pull out and cleaning. They also have quick access to their filter meshes for an easy wash.