The Better Television Type – Is Plasma Better Than LCD or Vice Versa?

With the wide selection of TV types and models available in the market, most consumers are spoilt for choice. Each model offers a variety of technologies and features that are unique and give them certain advantages over the other. Because of falling prices, LCD TVs and Plasma screen TVs have steadily become more affordable and a good value proposition for anyone looking to buy. Plasma screens works similarly with traditional cathode ray technologies, which work by sending an electric current through a cloud of ionized gas. They are designed in a relatively thinner format, making for substantially thinner panels.

LCD TVs use liquid crystal display technologies using either a CFL or LED backlight. This allows them to be built into much thinner and lighter display panels with excellent color reproduction and contrast. Plasma screens generally have better color with deeper blacks and strong saturation. This is due to their actual design, which allows for clear color reproduction on a per pixel level. They also have a higher contrast ratio and produce sharp pictures. By design the pixels in a plasma screen allow for quick refresh rates effectively cutting off motion blur for more fluid movement in the display. Higher end model LCD panels can do this as well, although lower end models may still suffer from slower refresh rates. Plasma screens are not without their drawbacks though, and this is where the LCD displays shine. Plasma screens draw a lot of power and so consume a lot of it. LCD displays use more energy efficient components, making them draw much less power-even to the point that they can easily be run off battery power. Plasma displays are more complex and are heavier and more fragile than an LCD panel which can be made so light as to be used even in mobile devices. LCD displays also have better brightness that plasma screens can’t match. This makes LCD displays ideal even in very bright rooms or under direct sunlight. And then there is the price. Plasma screens deliver great performance but at a higher price point compared to the equivalent LCD model and size. For the budget conscious, this will be the deciding factor.