Condensing Units – Most Reliable & Energy-efficient Solution For Your Business

Are you looking for a consistent and energy-efficient solution for your retail outlet, convenience store or supermarket? Then, you instantly need condensing units for your outlet today. Condensing units help you to cut down operating costs and its integrated components can make your job a little easier than ever before. A condensing unit usually is a high-side assembly of compressor, condenser, fan-motor and controls a mounting plate of a refrigeration system. It actually works as heat exchanger to cool down and condensate the arriving refrigerant vapor into liquid and the fan works to blow out air via heat exchanger part in order to cool the refrigerant-in. No matter what’s your priority, its life cycle costs, initial costs or noise, reliable-performance, condensing units have the solution. Condensing units come in varying dimensions, styles and specifications. You just need the unit that ideally meets your business or household needs. Typically these units are available from 6 to 212 tons with a full range of options to meet efficiency, performance or serviceability requirements. In today’s business world, condensing units are must especially if you are running a convenience store, super market or retail outlet. These condensing units are available with basic sets of compressor along with a well-suited condenser to fully fitted packaged refrigeration units ready-to-connect and go. These units are perfect for even smallest refrigerated cabinet and freezers to the largest scale commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. When it comes to buying a perfect condensing unit for your outlet, you have to go through various companies offering affordable and reliable commercial condensing units such as most prestigious J & E Hall Fusion and digital Scroll, which is known to be an ideal solution for commercial refrigeration industry where the paramount factors are noise, size and reliability. These units come with the highly-reliable Copeland scroll compressor and function on R404A and R134a respectively. Another impressive Series 3 Digital Scroll condensing unit comes with a capacity of up to 16 kW. It is a perfect solution for retail/convenience stores, super marts and petrol forecourts. If you talk about its compressor capacity control, it goes with varying display case loads, while providing an energy-efficient solution for commercial refrigeration solution. These condensing units are also appropriate for multi-cabinet systems. Moreover, Series 5 Twin Scroll Commercial Condensing Unit, which is a newer version of the J & E Hall commercial products range comes with a capacity of up to 31 kW and is a perfect solution for big retail outlet applications and is a packaged alternative to multi-compressor shelves. KoolMax Group offers a wide range of reliable and efficient condensing units, air cooled condenser and fluid-coolers in order to meet a variety of business needs. Whether your priority is product life cycle costs, reliable performance, noise, serviceability etc, we are here to help you out in dire need. We have expert technicians that will install and maintain your condensing unit. We are also offering claim-back service to our customers on any tax paid on the units and the installation in the first year – rather than after 10 years.